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Hot sales Analog In The ear Hearing Aid



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ITE Hearing Aid;in the ear hearing aid ;mini hearing aid price with batteries


Good for promotional gift, old peopele care products.


Max Sound Output:110±5 dB
Max Sound Gain:≥25 dB
Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤10%
Frequency Range: 300~4000 hz

Input Noise:    
≤40 dB        

AG3 (or  A312); Voltage:d.c1.5V;


weight  50g/pc

1.before using switch the volume to the minimum position.
2.put the ear hook on your ear.plug in the ear plug tightly.
3.turn on the powder,and adjust the sound volume to get clear sound.
4.if you hear the whistling sound,please check whether you
have plugged in the ear plug tightly.If it cann't be pluged tightly,please change the other size plug.
5.when you don't use it,please open the battery artridge or take out the battery otherwise it will continue to work.

CE : IEC Approval, EMC qualified

mini size

economic hearing aid

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