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Cotton Rigid Tape



    Cotton RIgid Tape (Sports tape)

    - Many colours avaliable
    - Smooth unwind
    - 3.8cm x 13.7m
    - Good Quality, strong adhesive

    Coloured Sports Tape is based on our best selling non elastic tape with excellent adhesion and tensile strength properties.
    It is avaliable in six colours being Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange and Red. The strong tape fabric is dyed and has a soft and supple feel.
    The tape has a computerised unwind design which means it comes off the roll very smoothly and it unwinds to the core.The Colour sports tape is a very economical Zinc Oxide Tape with strong adhesion, serrated edge and easy unwind. The tape is 13.7m in length and 3.8cm in width.

    Coloured Sports tape in Zinc Oxide hot melt glue is used for the immobilisation of joints and to blend in to your teams clothes. The smooth unwind means it is very good where you need controlled application, for example when taping hands or shoulders.


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