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3.8cm kinesiology tape



    3.8cm x 5m Saferlife kinesiology tape

    Saferlife kinesiology Tapes are used in kinesiology taping treatments of muscle fascia, tendon symptoms and performance enhancement by the natural process of improving circulation and lymphatic drainage.

    Kinesiology taping and Acu taping techniques can be used for many different applications:

    ? Bruising, swelling and sprains
    ? Arthritis relief
    ? Carpal tunnel syndrome
    ? Edema
    ? Plantar fasciitis
    ? Muscle re-education
    ? Improve circulation

    1. Providing stability to joints.
    2. Supporting the function of muscles.
    3. Encouraging the flow of fluids under the skin.  
    1. Elastic cotton substrate
    2. Elasticity 160~190%
    3. Strong and reliable stickness
    4. Soft and comfortable
    5. Good tensile strength
    6. Skin breathable
    7. Leaves no residue on body parts
    8. Water resistant
    9. Latex free
    10. Hypoallergenic adhesive

    What is Saferlife Kinesiology Tape ?
    Super thin, highly elastic therapeutic tape that provides support and compression for sports injuries, muscular tension and joint distortions.

    5cm x 5m  kinesiology tape  beige ,black,pink, blue colors available.

    When can I use it?
    To support muscles during sports activities
    To address muscular tension
    To assist lymphatic drainage
    To activate the endogenous analgesic systems
    To correct joint problems
    How is it applied?

    Skin needs to be free of oil, sweat, lotion or water prior to applying the tape.
    Apply the tape one hour prior to sports activity or showering - this allows the glue to adhere fully.
    Try to avoid over-stretching the tape during application to avoid skin irritation.
    Reaction to the tape is rare, but new users, or users with sensitive skin, should look for signs of irritation.
    After application, the tape should be rubbed to activate the heat sensitive glue. NB Do not use a hairdryer to activate the glue.
    Kinesio style tape is designed to be worn for 3-5 days.
    An hour after application it will withstand athletic activity and showering without coming off.

    Large: 3.8cm x 5m  


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