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product Waterproof Cast Bandage Protector



    Waterproof cast bandage protector


    1,protect casts and bandages from water exposure,baths and showers
    3,perfect for pharmacies and hospital

    Art     Product                      Loop             Box Size               Mea         PCS/CTN    GW
    SL-2100 Adult short arm              SMALL            160x160x30mm      490x340x350mm     60       10.5
    SL-2101 Adult Long Arm               MEDIUM           198x198x30mm      410x410x330mm     40       11
    SL-2102 Adult Foot                   MEDIUM           198x198x30mm      410x410x330mm     40       9
    SL-2103 Adult short Leg              MEDIUM           198x198x30mm      410x410x330mm     40       11
    SL-2104 Adult Hand                   SMALL            160x160x30mm      490x340x350mm     60       10
    SL-2105 Adult Long Leg               BIG              256x256x30mm      535x535x330mm     40       16
    SL-2120 Teenage Arm                  SMALL            160x160x30mm      490x340x350mm     60       10
    SL-2121 Teenage Leg                  MEDIUM           198x198x30mm      410x410x330mm     40       10
    SL-2122 Teenage Feet                 SMALL            198x198x31mm      490x340x350mm     60       9
    SL-2110 Wide adult short arm         MEDIUM           198x198x30mm      410x410x330       40       10
    SL-2113 Wide adult short leg         BIG              256x256x30mm      535x535x330mm     40       15

    The protector is a convenient way of protecting casts and bandage against water exposure whilst showering or taking part in light water activity.

    Outdoor weather protection
    Cast and Bandage
    IV/PICC lines & Skin conditions
    Non-phthalate, Latex Free
    Extend the service life of the cast
    Keep the wound area dry

    Emergency supply

    Hot sales waterproof cast / bandage protector

    1. Cmomodity: waterproof cast / bandage protector
    2. Material: PP, PVC, silicoe
    3. Size: hand, arm, foot, leg
    4. Suitable for: adult and child

    The product is a convenient tool to protect casts and bandages agains water exposure during bathe and water-involved activity:

    ?Bathes and showers
    ?Outdoor activities
    ?Casts and bandages
    ?IV/PICC lines & all skin conditions
    ?Non-phthalate and latex free


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