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Corona virus prevention Protective suit with sealing strip FDA CE



    Corona virus prevention Protective suit with sealing strip FDA CE


    Occupational protective clothing worn by medical staff in medical institutions. Prevent the transmission of the virus from the patient to the medical staff with air or liquid.

    How to use

    Pull the zipper open to the end, put the feet, arms and head in order,and close the zipper completely. Remove the adhesive strip paper on the front of the dress, and then straighten out the dress and firmly bond it. Wear properlyexcept for the eyes, nose, mouth, hands and feet, other parts of the human body should be covered tightly for best protection.


Material: Spunbond Nonwovens + PE breathable membrane

This product is made of composite non-woven fabric, zipper, rubber band and hot sealing adhesive strip. The utility model is composed of a hooded upper garment and a lower garment, with a one-piece structure, which is provided non sterile and disposable.

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